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MANAGING DIRECTOR'S WORD "Our motto is to produce with quality, handle with care and ship fresh to our clients worldwide." Agro City is a well-known exporter and importer Company in Egypt.

Agracity – Mpowering Farmers.

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O que é o Grupo Agrocity? Somos um conjunto de empresas que oferece diversos serviços e estamos prontos para te atender! Escolha a empresa que você deseja entrar em contato: Nosso Escritório. Rua Rio de Janeiro, 1623 – Bairro de Lourdes – Belo Horizonte – MG – Brasil – CEP: 30160-042.


Welcome to AgroCity. AgroCity is a Ghanaian Company, focusing on improving the crop production of Africa by providing affordable fertilizers and agro chemicals to farmers, establishing commercial sized farms to produce crops such as cassava, millet, sorghum, maize, soya, etc.

AgroCity - Traceable organic food

AGROCITY agrega los datos de sus cultivadores y usa analítica de datos para tener el repositorio de datos más grande para agricultura hidropónica. Creemos que todas las huertas son un micro laboratorio. Comparamos los resultados de crecimiento de diferentes productos en diferentes huertas. Nuestra IA estima los mejores procesos para ...

AgroCity - AgroCity - ACA

Al Imfeld, a well known Africa specialist, published the marvellous book "AgroCity - Die Stadt für Afrika - Skizzen einer neuen Urbanität" (= The City for Africa - Outlines of a new Urbanity) shortly before his death in February 2017.. The book analyses different exploding (mega-) cities in several Sub-Saharan countries. Cities mainly have an administrative and commercial centre, which is ...

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